Miami Facial Waxing

While you may be able to conceal your legs and bikini line, there is no hiding your face. Your face is your calling card and you have only one chance to make a first impression. You put so much time into hair, makeup, shoes and accessories, but upper lip hair (or facial hair of any kind) stands out amongst all other features. Expertise is the most important factor to consider when choosing your clinician, as the face is both ultra-sensitive and more prone to infection than other regions. A mistake with facial waxing is near impossible to disguise, so put your trust in Miami Wax Spa’s team of experienced experts. And as is always the case, hair growth is curtailed through waxing, so visits become less frequent.

There is also a trend amongst men to have facial hair waxed as well, particularly the cheek areas. Facial waxing for men allows for the saving of valuable time and helps create a very modern, sheik look.

Facial Waxing Women Men
Upper Lip 9 10
Lower Lip 6 8
Chin 10 12
Chin w/Neck 16 18
Neck (Front or Back) 12 15
Side Burns 12 15
Temples 10 12
Eye Brows 15 20
Eye Brows (Between) 6 8
Cheeks 14 16
Nose 6 12
Ears 8 14
Forehead 10 14
Jaw 10 14
Full Face (Eye Brows are not included) 35 45